What Others Say About Us

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the awesome service you have provided me over the years. I have taken comfort knowing I can depend on you as a resource for my questions, ideas, clarifications, etcÖYou always seem to find the time to send the requested quote or answer to my questions, plus you donít hesitate to take extra time to discuss over the phone if required. Itís also comforting knowing that you have the access and knowledge to provide just about any financial service possibility, even more so that you donít hesitate to give a candid and honest opinion. In this day and age where being courteous and conscientious towards others seems to be less prevalent, your above and beyond service is very refreshing.

Matt Judd
Ventura, CA

Filing Bankruptcy was an extremely distressing experience for me. Pat was clearly an expert at helping me obtain a new loan and pay off my debts. The process worked out exactly as she explained it at our first consultation. She is truly an expert in Bankruptcy mortgages. I am very grateful and glad that I called her.

Beth C.
Ventura, CA 

Hi Pat,

For the past 8/9 years of knowing you, you have helped me purchase my 1st residence after being divorced, a condo, and the home I am currently living in, plus 2 equity lines, one for each place. Neither time was it an easy financial conquest. Through the whole process, you would answer my questions and then answer them again should I not understand.

Your patience and encouragement was always reassuring as it was quite often an iffy proposition. You made it a pleasant experience due to your confidence and positive attitude.

Even more recently, I asked for your help to see if I could get a 'refi'; actually, twice within about 9 months. I was concerned with potential interest rates going up within the next two years or so. I had hoped to 'refi' a 1st & 2nd , for a better rate of interest for a longer period of time in order to be able to handle the payment should I become unemployed or have a decrease in salary at sometime in the future.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. But the extra work and research you put in looking in to all the possibilities including calling my current mortgage holder to get answers (even when I was reluctant to do so due to not totally having a grasp on all the terminology) was well beyond the call of duty.

On top of all the above, I have been able to ask for financial insight on how to handle or pursue different financial endeavors for the future. I feel I can rely on your information, because I know you stay on top of current events and do the research.

Thank you for all of your help and vote of confidence. Hopefully, we will be able to work together in the future.

Annette Hall
Ventura, CA

Pat helped us to buy our first home several years ago when we were still paying off our Chapter 13. Then she helped us clean up our credit and improve the financing for that home so we were able to take advantage of the increasing value. We were recently able to purchase a new home with Patís help. It pays to work with an expert.

Judy and Richard C.
Simi Valley, CA

Recently, we were able to purchase a vacation home at Big Bear Lake. This is something weíve talked about doing for years and with home purchase prices at such record lows, we didnít want to wait any longer.

Even though Iíve been a commercial real estate broker for over 25 years, I had no idea of the amount of forms and documentation which are now required in this post sub-prime loan era. Remember when you could close an escrow in 45 to 60 days? Donít count on it now. Even as hard as we pushed the process, it still took over 60 days to fund and close.

Be sure to allow for a long enough escrow period, keep a positive attitude and when Pat says she needs documentation from you to proceed, donít hesitate, jump on it. I firmly believe that without the knowledge, persistence and organizational skills which Pat exhibits and applies to the loan process, we wouldnít have been able to secure our loan.

Keith & Lin Macleod
Camarillo, CA

Hi Pat,

Thanks for getting back to me. I hope everything is going well for you and that you are still cycling.

It sounds like I am at a place where I should relish staying put in the house and take advantage of my interest-only status. I am also glad to have you in my corner with your Rate Watch, newsletter and promise of a phone call if he loan landscape changes.

With appreciation,

Tamara Leftwich
Ventura, CA

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over the past year...it finally led to the purchase of a house. As always, your opinion and professionalism were greatly valued and appreciated.

Allison C.
Glendale, CA

Thank you again for your help. You are totally awesome...you got my pre-approval letter right away and contacted the bank. You went over and above to assist us. Matt and I are in awe of you.....totally. Youíre the best.

Cathy Arbogast
Ventura, CA

We can honestly say that we felt really comfortable and are really pleased with the outstanding service you provided us. It was a pleasure seeing this whole thing come together knowing it was orchestrated by a true professional.

Brian and Jan B.
Camarillo, CA

Thank you for the competent, practical and very gracious way you handled my home loan. The positive way you looked at my situation has given me confidence in myself and my ability to go on in my life by myself.

Vicki H.
Ventura, CA

Thank you so much for your excellent work. I appreciated very much your support, your prompt and efficient responses and the excellent service you provided. You made the entire transaction a pleasure.

Diane M.
Ventura, CA

Having a Bankruptcy is a stressful thing. Pat was able to get me the cash I needed and help me clean up my credit . Sheís very professional and sharp and she delivered what she promised!

Robert M.
Oxnard, CA

Thank you so much for doing everything and more to get me into my home. I appreciate your patience.

Caroline J.
Ventura, CA

Thanks for everything, you have been stellar. There were no surprises. You were right on top of everything.  If we're ever fool enough to do this again we'll call you. And thanks to your help our kids have a terrific condo.

Jill Forman and David Young
Ventura, CA 

Dear Pat,

You have been wonderful during the Refi of my condo.  Even when it dragged on you were positive and encouraging, keeping my spirits and hope alive.  There were so many hurdles, but you were like a bulldog - you had the goal in mind and wouldn't give up.  Thank you so much for your unrelenting help and your professional mien through these past months.  I'm telling all my friends so get ready for lots of work!

Your friend,

Carol Dale
Camarillo, CA

Over the past 10 years, you have assisted us numeorus times with refinancing and in obtaining new mortgages. You are thorough, resourceful, and always responsive to phone calls and emails. We have never considered using anyone else to obtain a mortgage and will not hesitate in referring you to others. Thanks for all of your hard work.
Steve M & Charles C
Ventura, CA


Thank you for being so helpful and accommodating during the loan refi process. We always come back to you because you are professional, knowledgeable, and we know you take good care of your clients. You're our go-to person for all things mortgage and real estate. We appreciate all the help over the years and look forward to more investments in the future.

Thanks so much,

Paul and Nan Richardson
Ventura, CA

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