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Traditionally, homeowners who filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy have had limited options to lower their payments and otherwise improve their financial situation. Even if they had a perfect payment history under their bankruptcy plan, these homeowners were stuck for two, three, seven or more years until the plan terminated on its own.

Now, select lenders are willing and able to provide A+, low, single digit interest rate loans to homeowners still buried in their Chapter 13 repayment plans!

Since we started beta-testing our Chapter 13 Elimination program, we’ve helped more than 67 Chapter 13 homeowners to get themselves out of their bankruptcy plan, clean up their credit and move on with their lives years before their plan was scheduled to end!

By last count, we had saved our clients an average of $674.78 per month over 17 months, or a lifetime total average of $11,471.26 per client!

Of course, our program is not right for everyone. But over the course of our beta-test, I’ve found that the following are typical reasons why a Chapter 13 homeowner would be eligible for our program:

  • Fear of being unable to make the Chapter 13 payment and mortgage payment each month. After all, the whole purpose of filing bankruptcy was to give yourself relief and a fresh start, wasn’t it?

  • Frustration at watching the equity in your home increase almost daily, but being unable to use it as a financial tool to pay your Chapter 13, build up some savings, pay for the kids’ college, make home repairs, etc.

    • Why should you have to wait two, three or more years when your payment plan ends? How high will rates be then?

  • Being sick and tired of being under the thumb of a bankruptcy trustee, who eyeballs every dollar. Almost like a parole officer!

    • The unfortunate fact is that you’re just another case for the trustee, who administers probably hundreds of thousands of cases.

    • The trustee is responsible for making your payments on time, but in my experience, mistakes are made. So even if your payments to the trustee are timely, there’s no guarantee that the trustee is making its payments on time. Late fees and penalties can rack up even if they’re not your mistakes…but they cost you money!

Then there are other reasons why, once word leaked out about our new program (we’ve never advertised it before), our clients were willing to drive through California rush hour traffic

to our offices for help:

  • Embarrassment at being associated with the “B Word” (bankruptcy) knowing that their friends, neighbors, work associates were looking at them with pitying or judgmental eyes.

  • The emotional toll this is taking on you and your family.

  • Knowledge that you’re stuck in this situation, paying for your mistakes for another two, three or more years.

  • Worse, you’re paying for a situation that wasn’t your fault - something that happened because of one of life’s cruel jokes:

    • Unforeseen medical bills
    • Job layoff
    • Divorce
    • Business Failure
    • Other unexpected loss of income

Do you have any idea of the likelihood of completing your Chapter 13 Plan properly?

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